Meet the Dr.

  Dr. Nathanael Barnes has spent his entire career helping people in every capacity he can. He has spent 15+ years working as a paramedic in the hospitals. He graduated chiropractic college from Palmer Florida in 2021. While in school he was exposed to a variety of chiropractic techniques and he experienced first hand how powerful upper cervical chiropractic really is. He chose to devote himself to learning and applying the specificity of upper cervical corrections to patients, and while treating patients in the clinic he saw amazing results daily.
  Dr. Nathanael Barnes published a case study in a peer reviewed scientific journal telling about how a specific upper cervical correction transformed the life of one of his patients that he treated.
He is excited about and committed to bringing people back into health through the power of upper cervical care.
  Dr. Barnes has lived in Florida most of his life, and enjoys living life to the fullest. In his free time he enjoys activities like kayaking at the springs, playing competitive volleyball, having game nights with friends, and watching movies. One of his favorite things is spending time with his amazing daughter. He currently resides in Rockledge.